CMS partners play a critical role in helping organizations of all sizes, identify and implement the ideal solution that addresses your unique business needs. Depending upon the type of CMS partner that you may qualify as, you can realize some or all of the following benefits:

  • Increased Revenue & Profits
  • Differentiation of Your Offerings
  • Implementation of a Broader Service Model
  • New Market Penetration
  • Greater Customer Loyalty

Below are the descriptions of our partnership types.

    A CMS Business Partner is any entity that resells ICMpower™. Business Partners may operate in specific vertical or geographic markets and will either have a CMS Sales Certification, a CMS Service Certification, or both. CMS Business Partners often provide some level of direct technical support for clients.
    A CMS Referral Partner is not certified in either sales or service but has been approved by CMS to identify other relationships of mutual benefit to CMS and the entity being referred. Referral Partners will receive a finder’s fee and will need to register all leads and relationships with CMS.
    A CMS Distributor is an entity has an exclusive relationship with CMS. The exclusivity may be defined by a geographic territory, vertical market or other specific criteria. A Distributor is allowed to have Business Partners and Referral Partners operating under them.
    A CMS Integration Partner is typically an entity that is interested in driving professional services revenues through their organization. These are typically larger companies that have their own professionals trained at CMS’ "Architect Knowledge Level" in order to provide customization beyond CMS’ "Service Solutions."
    A CMS Technology Partner is an entity that is certified by CMS as a Third Party Technology Partner, and that desires to create "add-on" products focused on specific functionality for particular vertical markets or industries.

Partner Application