Data & Security Backups

ICMpower™ is a modular Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) solution distributed across multiple, geographically dispersed datacenters located throughout North America. By leveraging the flexibility, security and redundancies offered through our implementation of Cloud Based Infrastructure, CMS has streamlined our IT framework and is providing ironclad protection and superior performance to our clients. A team of trained professionals monitors each datacenter to ensure high availability, scalability and security of CMS' proprietary systems and sensitive client information. Being a leader in the adoption of Cloud Based technologies, CMS recognizes how crucial redundancy is for accessing these types of services.

Our data protection and backup & recovery solution implements Dell’s “Best in Breed” AppAssure product. The system performs whole server snapshots taken daily and stored on a farm of backup servers. Those daily snapshots are rolled up into a weekly snapshot every seven days. Next, those weeklies are rolled into a monthly snapshot each month. Finally, those monthlies are rolled up into annuals. CMS also has a private link to another datacenter where we store replicas of our backups. The primary environment holds a current copy of the last 30 days of backups as well as a permanent copy of all yearly rollups. Data at this site is stored on two independent storage arrays to not only mitigate the risk associated with hardware failure but also guard against file corruption. All this just to say that CMS has you covered.

Harnessing the power of the Cloud has been a critical component in CMS providing our clients with performance, security and reliability.

For some of CMS' security protocols and details surrounding SSAE16, SOC Type II and HIPAA compliance, click here.